Welcome to 7th Grade Math!

We are going to be doing a lot of new and fun things this year!

7th grade math is a year long class that is required for all 7th grade students. The class meets everyday for 52 minutes. This course teaches students the essential skills and strategies that are used in mathematics. All students must show their work at all times and circle their answers that they want graded in order to get complete, full credit for the assignment.

Please make sure that you bring paper, pencil, math book and calculators to class everyday.

Assessments 50%
Assignments 40%
Daily Points/Participation Points 10%

Assignments will be updated weekly. Sometimes, plans do change, but I will do the best I can to keep the assignments updated.

Monday, May 14th- Semester Test Study Guide

Tuesday, May 15th - Semester Test Study Guide Review - do you have to take the test?

Wednesday, May 16th - Semester Test

Thursday, May 17th - Semester Test

Friday, May 18th- LAST DAY! Book return

Monday, January 8th- Decomposing worksheet (due at the end of class) and Dream House project

Tuesday, January 9th- Section 8-2 'Areas of Polygons' page 280-283 Worksheet page 259

Wednesday, January 10th - Checkpoint Quiz

Thursday, January 11th -8-3a Activity Lab 'Three-Dimensional Views' page 285, #1-5

Friday, January 12th - Section 8-3 'Three Dimensional Figures and Spatial Reasoning' page 286-289 '#1-21 odd