Welcome to 8th Grade Computers! We will be doing a lot of new and fun things this year in computers!

This class is required for all 8th grade students. This class meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 52 minutes. This course teaches students many of the Microsoft Software basics, such as Word, Excel, Publisher, Email, PowerPoint, etc. There will be a number of projects based on the software learned. Students will also be learning the proper way to keyboard. 8th grade students are required to type 35 words per minute by the end of the school year. They will be graded on their posture, hands correctly on home row, feet flat on the floor, staying on task, and eyes on the screen, not the keyboard. Each day students keyboard, they start out with 10 possible points.

NOTE - one thing to note and remember is that students will NOT be able to access their Homework/5th Hour folder outside school. So, you will not be able to "turn in" your assignment unless you are at school.

Grades will be waited as follows:

Assignments 70%
Keyboarding 20%
Daily Points/Participation Points 10%

Assignments will be updated weekly. Sometimes, my plans do change, but I will do the best I can to keep the assignments updated.

Monday, February 5th- PowerPoint Module 1 - Concepts, Skills Review, IC #1, 3, 4 and Visual Workshop

Tuesday, February 6th- No Class

Wednesday, February 7th - PowerPoint, Module 1

Thursday, February 8th -No Class

Friday, February 9th - PowerPoint, Module 1